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Marketing Master Class: Building a Brand People Can Trust

December 8, 2020 - 3:00 PM Eastern Time

Hosted By: Xcellimark & HubSpot

It’s time to up your marketing and sales game! Get the latest insights on effective digital marketing and sales.

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  1. How to Build Trust with Your Buyers
    Marketing and Sales has a trust issue with shoppers and buyers. Learn what these trust issues are, how to overcome them, and how to leverage both emotional and rational tactics to build trust and entice people to buy from you.

  2. How to Attract More Buyers: Discover the Updated Way to Get Higher Google Search Engine Rankings
    Learn how to optimize your web presence for search and search rankings. 

  3. How to Convert More Leads and Delight More Customers: Expand Your Website’s Impact on Your Customers’ Journey
    How you think and feel about your website needs to be updated for today’s buyers and customers. It’s more than a marketing channel. It is a sales channel, a customer onboarding channel, a customer service channel and a channel to develop fans and advocates for your company. 

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