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Selling the Way People Buy

It's time to grow your sales! Maximize the opportunities for you and your sales team by learning how to sell the way people and businesses buy today.





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What You’ll Get from the Webinar!

Learn from HubSpot and Inbound Sales Experts


From identifying your buyers to delivering a compelling solution which best fits their needs, we’ll show you how to adopt the modern-day sales model for your target buyers.

According to a HubSpot poll, marketing and sales are among the least trustworthy sources. How do you overcome that? You start by understanding the current challenges for sales professionals, why your target market buys today, and how to sell your product or service based on the they want to buy.

The new “sales normal” is evolving right now for every type of business and industry. Discover the top motivators that get people to buy and why the Inbound Sales Methodology, the Modern-Day Sales approach, has become the most effective way to sell today.

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This is Why Your Sales Team Needs a CRM

Identify Those You Can Help


You can’t help everyone, so we’ll help you master how to effectively:

  • Connect with and qualify them as viable leads to start building trust.
  • Focus your efforts by determining the goal or challenge you can help with.
  • Explore their challenges and connect their goals with your solution, providing you with the best sales opportunity.
  • Become a trusted advisor, allowing your prescribed solution to compel leads to become customers.
  • Identify the processes, tools and tactics that match up to how people buy today.

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How to Sell the Way People Buy with Inbound Sales

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